TTHF Media, an edutainment company, specializes in the development of ludic and innovative course materials for primary school pupils.


Whatever the discipline, we deliver an unforgettable experience to pupils through our stories and the exercises linked to them, using a variety of media.


New technologies are often synonymous with entertainment for children. Thanks to this attraction, new technologies are fantastic learning tools.


Before beginning the creation of a teaching aid,
several parameters are evaluated:

  • Which subjects to choose?
  • What skills will the pupils need to acquire or use?
  • What are the needs of teachers?
  • Are the pupils active or passive when they are following our adventures?
  • How to be innovative, whilst respecting the objectives of the school?
  • Which technologies to use?

These questions have only one objective: that the teaching should be fruitful and that the students should remember their teacher’s explanations.