As a multimedia concept on a web platform,
our method has several objectives:

  • To get primary school pupils to enjoy reading.
  • To help them understand the language more easily, both oral and written.
  • To develop their critical thinking and creativity.

Under the supervision of teachers, pupils will experience a personalised adventure, where reading becomes the key to saving the inhabitants of a fictional city: Relaxville.


The plot

Since its foundation, Relaxville has been cut off from the rest of the world. Unbeknownst to its inhabitants, a mysterious Clan controls them, keeping them in a state ignorance and forbidding them to have any imagination. The Crusader and Miss Justice are the only Relaxians who know about the existence of the Clan. They have decided to create Team Justice to fight it. Thanks to a bizarre machine they have found in the basement of an old hut, they can contact schools on the outside to help them.


The Team Justice machine will need the knowledge and imagination of the pupils to find a way to defeat the Clan.


Gamification – a fun teaching aid

By using video game conventions, students will be in a familiar environment. They will be immersed in the material to be studied by living through a playful adventure.